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Project description

As mobile operators face increasing density of base stations as well as growing bandwidth requirements, mobile backhaul has become the new challenge. To reduce the digital divide and as a complement to the Fiber to the Home, especially where cost to deploy fiber cannot be justified, it is proposed to deliver capacity to enterprises and households over the last miles at much more reasonable cost. In this context, millimeter wave technology, especially in the Q-band, fits nicely into these new backhaul scenarios and can bring large capacity with high throughputs, fast deployment and discrete equipment.

The SARABAND project will focus on the development of low profile high gain and programmable multi-beam Q-band antennas, and on the development of miniaturized radio module based on new substrate, new packaging and interconnection process in Q-band frequency. This approach will enable operators to capitalize on the massive bandwidth available in the EU regulated Q-band (40,5-43,5 GHz) for future wireless backhaul, as well as last mile access to bridge the digital divide in a most cost-efficient, easily deployable and energy efficient way.

The SARABAND project will address this issue by creating state of the art, smart, high gain & agile Q-band antennas with miniaturized Q-band radio head inside. To this end, SARABAND will handle the following concepts: