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Expected outcomes & impact

SARABAND project will tackle a range of activities to provide the key components for the nodes for the backhaul of mobile base stations and access relays, as well as a high performance compact microwave terminal.

It includes the development of smart antennas and efficient radio modules to enhance capacity and facilitate the deployment of wireless backhaul network, addressing a variety of industrial needs:

Thanks to SARABAND breakthroughs in hardware design (multi-beam, programmable and reconfigurable antennas) and network capabilities (very low spectral pollution due to multi-beam antenna and Q-band frequency), this project will contribute to the evolution of EU policies in terms of:

Additionally, the SARABAND project will give to the European Internet industry an excellent opportunity to develop services (wireless communications, security, health, etc.) for this new kind of platform and to able new services for wireless operator. Likewise, SARABAND will promote significant contributions to community societal objectives such as quality of life, health, safety, and employment.