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WP7: Platform Set-up and Small Scale Field Trial

Leader Participants
FIB TCF, BLW, Fraunhofer, UPVLC

The wireless network platform that will be deployed at UPVLC campus for project demonstrator is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1. SARABAND Wireless Network Demonstrator

This demonstrator provides Gigabit Ethernet communications from a central site (C.S.) to 5 PC data terminals (Ti) through a millimeter wave network, including a Transmission Hub (TH) and 2 Relays Nodes (RN-j), and five radio terminal nodes (NTE-i).

The communications are transmitted upon radio within a set of 5 VLANs (one VLAN deserves one terminal), each of them having a throughput of up to 120Mbps in an adaptive (upload / download) half-duplex mode. An additional VLAN is used for management traffic.

At Site B, a Network Monitoring Server (NMS) is deployed to provide real time and historical statistics of the different devices in the platform. The status of the different network elements is constantly monitored, Key Parameter Indicator (KPI) values being pulled with a frequency up to 2 times per second.

Additionally, a set of network services have been set in place in order to be able to monitor the system performances and test the deployed network by generating traffic and monitoring throughput, RSSI and dropped packets statistics for several months.